A la Carte Menu

Meat and Poultry

Kebab Bel Laban

Three skewers of minced lamb meat served with fried pita bread, yogurt and pine nuts.

0.00 ₪

Kebab Halabi

Three skewers of minced lamb meat served on a bed of grilled tomato, onion and pine nuts

0.00 ₪

Salads & Greens


Finely chopped parsley, onion, tomatoes and crushed wheat, blended together with fresh lemon juice and olive oil.

22.00 ₪

Caesar Salad with Chicken

Iceberg lettuce, tomato, crouton, mixed in Caesar dressing topped with parmesan cheese and grilled chicken breast

30.00 ₪

Tent Salad

Iceberg lettuce, tomato, fresh mushroom, fried white cheese, onion, oregano, topped with chef’s dressing

25.00 ₪

Greek Salad

Roman lettuce, tomato, cucumber, Kalamata olives, onion, feta cheese and oregano drizzled with vinegar and olive oil dressing

22.00 ₪


A medley of seasonal fresh vegetables, tossed in our special dressing and topped with crispy pita bread

0.00 ₪

Palestinian Salad

A traditional Palestinian garden salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, shallots and mint blended with fresh lemon juice and olive oil

0.00 ₪

Rocca Salad With Halloumi Cheese

Rocket, onions, thyme, fresh mushroom, cherry tomato, pomegranate molasses, balsamic vinegar, olive oil and topped with sunflower seeds

0.00 ₪

Cold Appetizers


Chickpeas blended with tahini sauce, garlic and fresh lemon juice

0.00 ₪


Smoked eggplant blended with tahini sauce, garlic and fresh lemon juice

0.00 ₪

Al Raheb

Smoked eggplant, parsley, red and green capsicum, garlic, pomegranate molasses

0.00 ₪

Turkish Dip

Finely chopped onion, tomato, bell pepper, coriander, shatta, tomato paste, olive oil

0.00 ₪


Finely chopped parsley blended with tahini sauce, lemon juice

0.00 ₪


Finely shredded cabbage, carrot, onion, mayonnaise

0.00 ₪


Fresh thick homemade yoghurt with dried mint and za’atar

0.00 ₪


Fried sliced eggplant served with hot green pepper, garlic, lemon and olive oil

0.00 ₪


Thick style yoghurt mixed with cucumbers, garlic, dried mint and olive oil

0.00 ₪


Pickled baby eggplants stuffed with walnuts, spices and garlic

0.00 ₪

Kabees & Zaytoun

A selection of homemade mixed pickles and olives

0.00 ₪

Arabieh Bethini

Finely chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, parsley, blended with tahini sauce and lemon juice

0.00 ₪

Tomato and Basil

Halved cherry tomatoes blended with basil, nuts, garli and olive oil topped with parmesan cheese

0.00 ₪

Special Cold Appetizers


Country-style Lebanese cheese topped with tomatoes, Spring onions, mint and drizzled with olive oil 

0.00 ₪


Roasted red capsicum, chili paste, pomegranate molasses, fresh walnuts, bell pepper, olive oil, lemon

0.00 ₪

Warak Einab

Vegetarian vine leaves stuffed with rice,parsley, tomatoes and onions

0.00 ₪

Kebbe Nayeh

Minced fresh lamb tartar kneaded with crushed wheat, salt, pepper, dried mint

0.00 ₪

Kebbe Orfalieh

Minced fresh lamb tartar kneaded with crushed wheat, shatta, onions, cumin, pine nuts, mint and tomato

0.00 ₪

Selection of Cold Appetizers

includes: Hommus, Bakdonsieh, Babaghanouj, Al raheb, Turkish Dip, Coleslaw, Labneh, zatziki, Tomato and basil, Kabees & Zaytoun & Muhammara

0.00 ₪

Hot Mezza

Hommus with Meat

Traditional hommus topped with sizzling lamb and pine nuts

0.00 ₪

Hommus with Chicken

Traditional hommus topped with cubed chicken

0.00 ₪

Cheesy Garlic Bread

Slices of French bread toasted with a spread of butter, garlic and parmesan cheese

0.00 ₪

Grilled Halloumi

Halloumi cheese grilled to perfection served with tomatoes on a bed of lettuce and drizzled with olive oil

0.00 ₪

Batata Harra

Cubed fried potatoes blended with garlic, chilly, lemon and coriander

0.00 ₪

Fried Kebbe

Minced meat mixed and cracked wheat ovals, stuffed with finely chopped lamb, pine nuts and spices

0.00 ₪

Cigar bel lahmeh

Fluffy, fried pastry filled with minced meat, pine nuts and spices

0.00 ₪

Cheese Riqaq

Feta and Halloumi cheeses mixed with parsley, onions and white pepper rolled in a thin pastry and fried

0.00 ₪


Spicy homemade sausages cooked with tomatoes and olive oil

0.00 ₪


Stuffed pita bread with minced mead and spices, pine nuts

0.00 ₪


Chicken wings sautéed with lemon, garlic & coriander sauce

0.00 ₪

Chicken Liver

Pan fried chicken liver and garlic drizzled with pomegranate molasses

0.00 ₪

Chicken Finger

Deep fried breaded chicken strips served with sweet and chili sauce

0.00 ₪