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Welcome to the Tent Restaurant, located in the Shepherd’s Valley Village - Beit Sahour - on the way between the Shepherd’s Fields and the Nativity Church, only one kilometer away. Upon arrival, you will immediately be enchanted by the sight of the palm trees, olive orchards, and native plants surrounding the Tent Restaurant, with the mountains of Bethlehem and Jerusalem, only two kilometers away, as the backdrop. When you step inside the dining area, you’ll immediately be met by rich décor - Bedouin style rugs on the floor, romantic golden glass lights above, and a hand chiseled stone entryway to the dining area. You’ll also enjoy the delicious scents emanating from our kitchen as you settle down to relax at the low tables and couches spread with Bedouin style tapestries and begin your gastronomic journey in an authentic, family friendly atmosphere. In step with the traditional hospitality that we offer, you’ll be promptly attended to by our attentive wait staff, eager to show our honored guests what Middle Eastern hospitality is all about.

But a hospitable spirit is only part of the pleasure that awaits you at the Tent Restaurant. Enjoy our wide range of tantalizing dips and salads, made fresh using hand selected vegetables, purchased daily from our local farmers and extra virgin olive oil, made the way it has been for thousands of years. For meat lovers, a great selection of specially seasoned and grilled chicken, beef, and lamb platters can tame even the heartiest appetites.

For our guests in the mood for the truly authentic cuisine of the Holy Land, may we suggest the “mak-LOO-beh,” Literally meaning, upside-down, this layered lamb or chicken, rice, eggplant and cauliflower casserole is inverted on a platter. You might also enjoy “MAN-saf,” a succulent dish of chicken or lamb, slow cooked until tender in a flavorful yoghurt sauce and served with steaming, aromatic rice and garnished with toasted nuts. To ensure availability, order these carefully prepared dishes in advance. (See our reservations page). 

All of our dishes, and much more, are served with generous baskets of freshly made crispy rustic bread, called “KHOB-ez ta-BOON.” Wash it all down with ice-cold, locally made beer, arak (anise seed liquor), locally grown and produced wine, or a glass of freshly prepared lemonade or other cold drinks. Specialty drinks are also available.

And since a traditional Middle Eastern meal isn’t complete without a steaming hot cup of rich, aromatic coffee, enjoy a cup alongside one of our scrumptious desserts, made using high quality nuts and delicately flavored with rose perfumed water.

Don’t forget to try one of our special attractions: the delicious water pipe (ar-GEE-lehor “hubbly bubbly.” To satisfy different tastes, we offer several different flavored tobaccos.

For larger groups wishing to experience a truly authentic and even more unforgettable evening, you are welcome to request a performance by a local dance troupe, which performs in the traditional Middle Eastern dance style, known as “DAB-keh.” You’ll be enchanted as you sway along to the ancient beats and lilting tunes made by the “TUB-leh” (drum), “oud” (Middle Eastern style guitar) and flute. Bedouin style dresses are also available for guests to wear for keepsake photos.

The Tent Restaurant in the Shepherd’s Village Valley has easy access parking – for buses and cars. Our main hall, which seats 270, can be opened up to the small hall, which seats 110 and can be reserved for small parties or meetings. The Tent is also wheelchair accessible. If you need help with transportation to and from the Tent Restaurant, we can help. Give us a call and we'll arrange for your pick-up, within the Bethlehem area. Please call in advance for best service.